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Specializing in High end Resto-Mod builds

Being a perfectionist and somewhat of a speefd reak I must give credit to my late father for starting my horsepower addiction very young. My dad was a Craftsman, working on cars and building wooden fishing boats that he wished he had never sold. When I was around 9 years old my dad brought home a worn out lawn mower engine and showed my how to take it apart, how it worked and how to put it back together. At 11 I told him I wanted to learn to weld, he bought me a Stick welder and showed me how to strike an arc. I proceeded to build a go kart. Not satisfied with just one engine I built in two 5 HP Briggs and Stratten's coupled to the ground through torque converters and a jack shaft. I drove the kart for years until the axle broke and I sold it. Wish I still had it, I would have a hard time building a nicer go kart today. I posted a couple pics of the kart. I'm sure there are more but will have to root through all the old photo boxes to find them. My brothers and I drove the hell out of Go Karts, minibikes and motorcycles growing up.

The big problem with the go karts was that after getting my drivers license on my 16th birthday I drove on the street like I drove the kart. Looking back, should not have survived! I do believe however, that my experience with the go kart did help keep me on the road because amazingly I didn't have any accidents.

Saving up money for a car I bought a 1977 Datsun 280Z 2+2 while still in high school. Probably not the best decision because I continued to hone my performance driving skills with this car, usually full of my buddies. Good thing the Z didn't have any more horsepower, we survived! Years later the Z was totaled when I was hit by another car, go figure. Always wanted another replacing it many years later in 2001 with one of my build projects.

I was always attracted to the Corvette Stingray and after wrecking the Z I bought a 1969 Corvette small block. Didn't have that car long because I really wanted a big block (big surprise). At the time I couldn't afford one in good shape so decided to get one that needed work. Bought a 1969 Vette big block in 1982 and started a project that ultimately lasted over 4 years. Really cut my teeth on this one, learned everything up through bodywork and paint. Disassembled this car down to the last nut and bolt and even had all the hardware re-Cad plated. Never forget bringing 68 lbs of nuts and bolts to the plater in individual catagorized boxes and getting them back all mixed up. At one point I had Vette parts in every room of the house and came to the chilling realization that I had to put them back together! Well I did manage to put it back together and it turned out to be a real show piece that I still own. Took many pictures of this build along the way that I have posted along with some more info in the Vette build. 

For the next 15 years or so I spent most of my time building a business, got into airplanes and hot rodding boats. I've posted a few pics of my other forms of transport if your interested.

Missing the 280Z and looking for a project I bought a rust free car in 2001 along with another parts car. Took the two donors and put together a really nice Z thats fun to drive. Pop in a cassette of Aerosmith Toys in the Attic and this car brings back fond memories of terrorizing the steets in High School!

Several years later looking for a another project I discovered Factory Five. Considered a kit for quite some time but resisted, remembering the crappy kit cars of the past. Fortunate enough to have built a successful business I now have a little more time and a few bucks so finally decided to order a Roadster. Kit was delivered late February 2011 and I dove right in to the build. I quickly became very impressed with the quality of the kit and have become convinced Factory Five built these kits just for me! The build took approx. 650 hours and I completed all the work including the body and paint. Check out the build pics. 

It took 13 months to complete the Roadster but before this car was finished I already ordered a GTM! The GTM showed up and as I got into this build soon realized it is considerably more complicated than the Roadster. Adding complication I decided to further challenge myself by utilizing both C5 and C6 Corvette donors transplanting as many of the C6 bells and whistles as possible including the instrument cluster and HUD. This will continue to be a several year project as I fit other projects in between!

My horsepower quest led me to a 2009 Corvette ZR1. For years this Vette had had the title as the fastest production car made in the U.S. Currently the title is challenged by new Vette models and a few others cars but the '09 ZR1 will run toe to toe with any production car in the world. The incredible "out of the box" performance almost satisfied my need for speed until I bought my L-29 Jet (See Aircraft).

Have completed several projects, have several in process and several in line. Future builds sitting at my ranch include a 1957 Chevy pickup, a 1971 Plymouth Barracuda, a 1970 Plymouth Duster and another 1978 280Z

Currently working on a second Willys Jeep and a 1962 Impala, along with a restoration of another L-29 Jet.

Enjoy my build pics!